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I will not ask you for forgiveness. What I have done is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge. I never dreamed that I could love you so much. You stole what was left of my heart. And now I’ve lost you f o r e v e r.

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Inoue Sayuri - Blog Translation 2014.10.08 (By Vince) 


ヽ(。・ω ・。)Under Live


There was a notice about it on the official site, but for the time being, I’ll be taking a break from performing in order to recuperate from my injuries.
I apologize for inconveniencing and worrying all of you fans.

I have been feeling the pain for quite a while…

, and up until the fourth live from yesterday, I have been enduring it.

However, not only the Osgood* I mentioned earlier, but my ligaments have begun to hurt as well. 
Up until now, I’ve been performing with my legs wrapped in taping and gauze, and I’ve also been receiving acupuncture when I’m not on stage, but the pain still ended up getting really bad.

*(Osgood-Schlatter disease, Sayu mentioned suffering from it on her blog the 27th of September. I have not translated this one)

Yesterday, I was allowed to appear at the first show due to begging that I absolutely had to no matter what, but after thinking about what happens from here on out, and after discussing it with staff and all the other members, we came to the conclusion that I should take a break.

My chest hurts and I feel really apologetic, thinking of the customers who come to see us. It’s really mortifying, and I end up feeling responsible.
However, being told by the people around me that the treatment of my injury should be given priority, I have decided to concentrate on my recovery.

After yesterday’s show ended, everyone came over and hugged me, praising me for working really hard (despite the pain).
After we began heading home, I received a text from Marika saying: “The 10th* is not complete if you’re not here, so hurry up and come back please”

*(“10th” is something they use to describe the entire 10th Unders line-up – not only the actual single.)

All the Unders, whether it’s on the move or at home, we study the DVD recordings of the shows performed earlier that day, and then reflect on it. We are truly doing our utmost 24/7.
And it’s just because of that, that I want to give rehabilitation my all, in order to get better as soon as possible, and once again get up on stage.

For someone like me, who puts work above my private life, things like having to take a break is incredibly painful to be honest.
During an interview the other day, I also kept saying things like: “I don’t need things like Halloween or Christmas, if there’s there’s a day off, then I want to work.” lol

But this is no time for me to sit down and feel sorry for myself ! 
A pinch is also a chance! (Baseball analogy, ugh)

I’m gonna get better real soon, so wait for me okay^^    *

Together with Rotty (*^o^*)Waai!


Cameraman: Seitan ♡

The day before yesterday, after the lives had ended, I got to guest Onitama. \(^o^)/*


A reunion with Tamanyan, whom I gave the “-nyan” from Sayunyan the last time I appeared, after a long time.(*  ^o^  *)!
It appears he’s still using the nickname Tamanyan, which made me really happy!
Thank you very much *\(^o^)/*

I love Yuttan and Kazumin, and Mr. Onitama has an incredibly homely atmosphere around him which I really like. I had a lot of fun♪♪

Thank you very much(    *^o^*    ) *feeling elated*

Ikuchan, congratulations on finishing your stage play! Thank you for your hard work (    *^_^*    )

Wakasama, thank you for writing about the Under lives on your blog. (>_<。)
She’s always telling me she wants to come watch it, so I want to make sure to have recovered by the time she does!

Seitan, I am really happy about what you wrote on your blog. (;_;)
Let’s go out and eat all kinds of yakiniku, okay! (    *^o^*    )

Karin, the one who summoned the typhoon from the first two days was me. *\(^o^)/*HaHaHa
That you wrote “Our under center” made me happy. 
And that you wrote ヽ(。・ω・。)Justice!too. lol

I’ll answer questions(ミ^o^ミ)

▼    Name  :    ホッシー☆    さん
◎    If Sayu were to be reborn, do you want to become a boy or a girl?
*    DE-FI-NI-TE-LY a boy/(^o^)\!!

▼    Name  :    だいキング  さん
◎    What was your childhood dream?
*    Since I love tokusatsu, I always wanted to become something like a hero who’s useful to other people.
I even wrote so for our text collection in middle school, lol.
Those feelings still haven’t changed.

Today is the release date of our 10th single! *\(^o^)/*
Inoue’s jacket photo and personal promotion video are both on Type C! The under song is also on that one!

If you would, thank you in advance for your support~

Well then!!!

Sayuヽ(。・ω・。) Justice!


Translated by: Vince / @hoshinoue

Nogizaka46 International Fanclub @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nogizaka46Fanclub

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Inoue Sayuri - Blog Translation 2014.10.05 (by Vince) 


ヽ(。・ω ・。) At that moment I rururu〜♪


Good eveningヽ(^ω^)ノ


The teaser for the under song “Ano Hi, Boku wa Tossa ni Uso wo Tsuita” has been revealed **

For this music video, I played the role of myself – Sayuri  Inoue.

It was, however, unexpectedly difficult.
In contrast, it’s easier to do the role of someone else, as there is a correct way to do it.

But I get the feeling I really began to understand what I’m like myself, thanks to pondering about things like “In this type of situation, how do I act,” while filming each scene.

During the drama club’s role announcement, neither me nor Marika get elected to play a role, but end up as background staff instead.

Surely there’s no way the sore loser that is me would be content with that, but the reason I went up to speak with Marika, smiling, was because that more than my own feelings, I really understood her pain seeing her face.

Always supporting everyone from the back, in reality I knew a lot of things, but even so I lied, acting all bright.

Before filming, director Yamashita told me “You’re the type of girl that doesn’t lie.”
I guess, if I were to lie to someone, I wouldn’t be able to do it in situations other than that one.

During the climax on the rooftop, I was able to do an honest performance. 
This scene is a must watch. (   ^_^   )*


If someone is crying, surely the real me would also take action like that.

It’s fleeting, bittersweet, shimmering.
Underneath it, there are also warm things, such as friendship, and bonds.

It turned into a wonderful piece, which will make your heart skip a beat.

I want a lot of people to watch it! (* ^o^ *)

I’m really grateful for being allowed to take part in its creation!

Oh, and the teaser for the individual videos were released too! 
The director responsible for my video this time was Kazuka Ikeda, who did Seifuku no Mannequin**

I have already been shown the completed work, and it’s an interesting production with beautiful footage.
Thank you very much (o^^o)

Actually, when I first received the script and read the first line, I thought it’d be a horror piece, and because I really can’t handle scary stuff at all I went to bed without reading the rest, unable to sleep. Lolol

The following day however, when I weepingly asked the staff “Is this really okay? (´:ω:`)” They laughingly told me that it’s actually a comedy, and not a horror.

During Principal and similar, I was being told I act as if I’m possessed.
As if I become the role I play, the character taking over my entire body.

This time, I made use of that, under the premise that I’d become possessed by many different things, I got to challenge myself to various styles of acting!
Like turning into a thug or a cicada. Lol

It was super fun to be able to say things like “To the pig box*” and “Crap! I’ll do you in!” ┗(^o^ )┓<33 Haha!
(Slang for custody room)

And I took a liking to saying “Saasen.” lol (Lazy way to say Suimasen – I’m sorry)
However, at the end there’s the so called “Sayuri Inoue, the Idol…”
Well, I enjoyed watching all the different footage! /(^o^)\

By all means, please check it out ♭♭

So, tomorrow is finally the time for the Under lives *\(^o^)/*

Somehow, I received a long text on feet from (Kawago) Hina-chan’s mother. lol
She taught me stuff like how to stretch properly, and she even included included images.
Thank you, Hina’s mother (  *^o^*  )

Fight on, my ligaments!

Just bending and stretching the knees, or landing from a jump can be a little painful, so I can’t do any greater movements, which may be a minus point from a viewer’s perspective. 
However, I still want to give it my all while performing.

More than anything, I want to create a good time together with everyone else.
Let’s have a great time /(^o^)\ Woo yay!

All the members have been working really hard, so I want you to look at each and everyone of us, one by one.
Thank you for your cooperation. (   *^o^*   )

Together with Seirarin, wearing the Under song outfit. ♡




Well then!!!

Sayuヽ(。・ω・。) Justice!


Translated by: Vince / @hoshinoue

Inoue Sayuri - Blog Translation 2014.10.03 (by Vince) 


ヽ(。・ω ・。) It’s morning


Good morning ヽ(^ω^)ノ


The other day I got to participate in GirlsAward taking place at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium **

There were even girls from Nogizaka – Naachan, Maiyan, Nanamin, Sayurin and Rena – who walked the runway as fashion models! (*^o^*) Amazing

As for live performances, we got to perform three songs: “Kizuitara Kataomoi”, “Oide Shampoo” and “Nandome no Aozora ka?”

Replacing Ikuchan, I was allowed to do the important center position in “Nandome no Aozora ka?”

Stepping out alone from the circle made up out of everyone, the feelings of anxiety and nervosity all came at once.
I got to learn what it’s really like to stand in the middle.

I’m really grateful that I got to receive such a valuable experience, despite not showing enough effort.

It appears that the Nogizaka staff at the location, who were still unaware of this, were so moved they started crying. Lol

Even behind stage, the hair & make-up staff were pushing my back and wishing me good luck, and our teacher told me that “Sayunyan’s solo singing is really good.” 
All the members were supporting me as well.

Misa-senpai told me “I really like Sayuri centering you know!”
After the event finished, there were also rehearsals for the under lives, but when I went there everyone greeted me with a “thanks for your hard work.”

And more than anything, what saved me was the warmth of the audience inside the building.
Thank you so much.m(_ _)m

I am being supported by a whole lot of people.
That is something I am not allowed to forget.
Keeping that in mind, I need to work harder.
It was a day when all of these thoughts came back to me.

Aah, because I was so nervous, my voice ended up trembling a bit during the solo though. That is something I’ll reflect on. (^ω^;) 
All that’s left is turning this mishap into something good. 
I’ll fight on! (*`ω´*)

My first time wearing this outfit. ♡


Together with Rena


Thanks to everyone’s comments, I learnt that Rena wrote about me on her blog.
Thank you very much, Rena. °(っ°´o`°c)°

Together with Kazumin


Recently you know, Kazumin tends to fool around with me. lol

Whenever we meet we make a fuss, with her stopping going “Huh,” and when I ask her what she teases me going “Aah, I thought it was an angel,” to which I always reply telling her to quit it. lol

Oh and yesterday, I went to the premiere show of Ikuchan’s stage play (o^^o)
It was really amazing! It was really good, and moving!
Ikuchan must’ve worked real hard. (´;ω;`)
I’m telling you, it was really amazing!

It was a really stimulating watch, and what more, I came to really like the world of the play.
It really piqued my interest. ⊂( ^-^)

Ikuchan, everyone else from the cast
Thanks for the moving experience!
May you proceed without injuries until the final show, and best of luck. **

Models, stage play actresses, seeing all these kinds of Nogizaka46 during these two days was really fun.
Seeing the other members active in all kinds of fields makes me as happy as if it was myself.(*^_^*)

(Q&A corner)

▼Name:クレヨンしんちゃん さん

◎ Sayu, do you prefer normal sunny side up fried eggs, or half-fried ones?

* I can’t eat half-fried (。> <。)
Normal is the best /(^o^)\♪

▼Name : DAMBUSTERS/chippy.HO/まぁ〜ち さん

◎ How long does it take for you to prepare whenever you’re heading out?

* Because I properly do my preparations the evening before, I’m pretty fast. (*^o^*)!Hehe

As I usually go out wearing glasses and without make-up (lol), I’m easily done within 10 minutes. 
Even when I do make-up and stuff like that, I’m usually done within 30 minutes.

▼ Name :さくちゃん(・v・)ノ さん

◎ What’s the colour of your toothbrush?*

* The one I use at home is light blue.
The one I carry around with me is pink. (* ^_^ *)

▼ Name : りらっくま(岐阜) さん

◎ This is about contact lenses. Which do you think is the best out of one day, two week or one month ones?

* Because I can’t be too bothered, one day ones are good!

One month? Wawawa??? lol

▼ Name : 冷凍少年 さん

◎ I want to buy a wristwatch, what colour do you think I should get?

* Maybe black…^^* That okay??

▼ Name : ゆうみ さん

◎ If Sayu was an oden ingredient, which one would you like to be the most?

* The ultimate one - Hanpen!!!

It’s round and fluffy. I love it!

▼ Name : aki さん

◎ When it comes to visiting parks, which season do you like the best?
Also, is there a one you could personally recommend?

* The cherry blossoms of spring are pretty… But all the green in summer is beautiful too…. And the autumn leaves are a sight to be seen… Not to mention the scenery during winter is wonderful.。I like all of them!

I find it wonderful that Japan has four seasons。
I think it’s good to be aware of that, so as for my recommendation… I’d like you to go during all of them! ( *`ω´* )!!lol

▼ Name : よっつか さん

◎ Please tell me if there’s any type of clothes you’d like to wear!

* I want to crossdress/(^o^)\!!!
iwanttocrossdressiwanttocrossdressiwanttocrossdressiwanttocrossdresscrossdress! Wooooooooo

The full version of our new single track “Nandome no Aozora ka?” is now up for download.
Please check it out♪

(Recochoku & iTunes Japan links… Need Japanese phone for Recochoku, and a Japanese iTunes account for iTunes so not copy+pasting them)


Thanks for the many comments!
I gain energy from rereading them over and over. (o^^o) ehehe


Translated by: Vince / @hoshinoue

Inoue Sayuri - Blog Translation 2014.09.30 (by Vince) 


ヽ(。・ω ・。) Boron

Today I went eating with Kiichan and Karin during break time. /(^o^)\ Yeah!

It was great! (*^o^*) Hah-ha

And yesterday was the individual handshake event in Makuhari!

Those of you who came, thank you very much ♭♭

For the 1st block – tranquil glasses (O_O)


As for the clothes,

 I wore the pajama from Nogiten.

Because I was wearing a pajama, everyone were like:
“You overslept didn’t you?” or “You just woke up right?”

They kept messing with me.. hmph. (´・ω・`) lol


^Block 2

It was fun! lol

For the 3rd block – Fluffy curled hair with a ribbon. And flower earrings.


As for the clothing I wore -that- angel t-shirt with shorts.


As for the 4th and 5th blocks, somehow…

I pulled a short bob!


…mm (Blush)

A rare kind of Sayu!
I’m glad I got a good response. (*^_^*)

It’s actually a wig but…
Saying “I cut my hair!” 
I tried pulling a lie riding on the moment. 
(A reference to the upcoming Unders’ song “Ano Hi, Boku wa Tossa ni Uso wo Tsuita - That day, at that moment, I lied.”)

Not a single person fell for it. o(`ω´)o lol

Everyone, thank you!

During the Nogiten spirit training..
I feel like my heart was cleansed thanks to the vice chief priest’s kindness, and 
being able to work hard together with everyone made it a very good experience.
Thank you very much! Baron \(^o^)/

Also, regarding the under center position…
At first, I found it perplexing to be really honest.
To receive the opportunity to center for a milestone release like the 10th single is something to be very grateful about, and something I’m happy about.
But that doesn’t mean wasn’t vexed about, or could excuse that fact that it was Unders.

However, a lot of people have come to me being genuinely happy for me, telling me that they’re as happy as if it were themselves, as well as giving me lots of words of support via comments or at handshake events.
And that makes me really happy.

From the very beginning, I entered this world thinking 
“I want to be there for people, I want to make people smile.”
That everyone were happy for me made me really happy, and was very relieving.
Seriously. Thank you so much.

When the position was announced, Rotty told me:
“It’s great that Sayunyan became the center! Everyone else are saying so too!”

When I was returning from the waterfall meditation, dripping wet, Ami came to pick me up.

I am determined to gather up my confidence and work even harder, for the sake of the other members as well.

I was also able to draw strength from Konno (Chairman of Nogizaka Management Committee) who told me “You’re talented, so good luck okay.”
He told me that, and that he likes that I’m a little edgy*. lol (* i.e. Hard to please)

It’s true that in the beginning, I felt like I had to aim for the top in order to please the fans.
There were even times when I ended up doing reckless things.

At that time, I was only able to look above myself.
However, I have learnt that up is not all there is to it. I have experienced lots of different things, including a lot of frustration. There have also been times where I lost my confidence.

But it is because of these experiences that I have become able to discover a lot of valuable things, and become able to grow as a person.
The sore loser trait essential to Sayuri Inoue is not gone though.

I may appear fluffy, but when it’s time to do things I’ll do them properly. I still haven’t lost my guts!
When it comes to dancing, singing or acting, I’m staying my edgy self.

I’ve already become an adult, soon to turn 20. 
I want to show everyone the evolved Sayuri Inoue.

And then there’s something I’ve been worriedly thinking about…
How should I carry this position?

I will center in my own way.

I think it would be nice to show it with my own way of single-minded effort.

Even though the fact that one works hard regardless of position doesn’t change, I’ll go to practice on my own, three hours before the lessons begin, and I’ll take responsibility for things as they come, challenging them one at a time.

Rather than pulling everyone together and leading the way, I want to lift everyone up. 
As everyone has a lot of good points, I want to make the name “Unders” feel like a waste.

I’ll support this team, protect it!!

In order to focus on Nogizaka, I gave up on my entire youth.
Now, with that part of my life as my stakes, there are a lot of things I have to protect.

While it hasn’t been revealed yet, the music video is tailored like a drama, and in it I think you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of what I’ve been talking about.

However, this is a passing point.
Thriving on this, I want to work hard so that I one day, may be able to become the true center of Nogizaka.

Even though I’m just a tiny lily, (pun on kanji in name) 
I’m gonna bloom splendidly!!

And finally, thank you for everything. (*^o^*)

Sayuヽ(。・ω・。) Justice!


Translated by: Vince (@hoshinoue)

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Hakama (袴) that usually worn by woman at graduation ceremony 

images sources: (x) (x)

It’s strange when you were around, I hated your guts,

But your absence has me missing you.

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